Back 2 School

It’s back to school/university/college/whatever time ! Hope you went all extravagant this summer and you are now ready to set to a more comfortable simple chic wardrobe. Most mornings, I am glad I wore something other than my PJs. Zero glam. Oh I do apply sunscreen. That’s about it. I might not be a role model as far as school/college fashion is concerned but I do give tips – for free!  Here are some items you NEED as presented above! ta dah!

BB Cream: Sheer coverage when you just can’t handle makeup with added skincare and sunscreen benefits! It has totally replaced makeup for me.

Cute nails : I love a good sheer nail. Essie ballet slippers is a must have office friendly classic. Natural yet polished look!

The pastel pant : As seen from a pastel pant is an absolute mix & match piece. Wear it with black & cream accessories just to break the cuteness (preferably studs).

All stars: We all have a pair or two. Classic. Colour of the moment : Grey or beige.

The natural lipstick : Try MAC’s new cremesheen & pearl collection lipsticks. Chic, natural with added shine & glitz.

The hoodie : At the moment I am ADDICTED to Victoria Secret’s new campus collection. Oh these ever so pretty and comfortable loungewear!

The kohl : All you need is more kohl lined eyes – smoke them as much as you can handle!

Back 2 School

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