Product hall of fame #1

So I thought I’d start a product hall of fame series featuring my absolute favorite products which I keep buying and buying and buying…

As far as skincare is concerned I am very picky, I have combination super sensitive skin so a few products make the hall of fame lists. If I had to choose a skincare brand to stick with for the rest of my life it would be Darphin. You can find Darphin products in almost all big well stocked pharmacies in Greece.

Absolute favorite : Darphin Purifying Balm


For me this is the only night skin product I need. It is as the name implies a balm, lovely night time texture, which smells of citrus, a little bit of orange and FRESHNESS. My skin feels so clean and fresh after applying it. Although it is a balm and I usually hate oily thick products you don’t even notice the oiliness during the night. No stains, no oily spots in pillows. And it smells heavenly. Did I just say that?

Anyway, after using it for a week every night I really noticed a difference in my skin. It just wouldn’t break out and it felt moisturized all day long. It did wonders for my enlarged pores and redness. Currently, I am about to buy my 3rd one and in the long run it is even more beneficial. This is my holy grail of night skincare.

The only con: the price. It is 50 euros for 15 ml but for me it’s totally worth it, considering it has replaced my serum – cream layering skincare routine. Also it lasts for a loooong time. You only need a tiny amount of product for yur entire face – you can easily go by one 15ml bottle for 1,5 month.

So that was it, stay tuned for more favorite product reviews!

XO, Danielle


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