September Key Buys

Each September I like to renew my winter wardrobe with some new key pieces. Here is what I am getting me this year:

Parka: Never owned one, it’s time I do. I love this one from Topshop, fur lined, warm and cozy!

Statement rings : I do own a billion rings or so, but armor rings are a must accessory for fall if you ask me!

Vampy lips: I have spotted a few I am going to buy, check MAC’s yung rapunxel (limited) and cyber (permanent). Also the new Lancome rouge in love boudoir collection is worth mentioning.

Nail polish: Expect for all the fall collections I have already bought, this duo from Dior gives you a snake like design. Gotta love the Khaki Crackle.

More Martens! : Yay! My most worn shoes. Just love them. I need a pair in navy blue to complete my collection..

Autumn Shorts : Studded and super short! Pair with opaque black tights and voila!

September Key Buys

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