Deutsch you want me baby?

NOTD at laast! I was giving my nails a break and it’s time I posted a decent notd.. Here are 2 coats of OPI – Deutsch you want me baby a fantastic lit-from-within burnt orange with Essie – Shine of Times accent nails. This polish along with all of the shimmers from the germany collection are absolute perfection!

In other news, I am trying to reorganize my nail polish drawers in a more practical way. Here is a sneak peak from 2 of my drawers.. Can you guess the brands and some of the colours?

The drawer above also contains my treatments, base and top coats, quick dry nails drops and thinner. I am always in the hunt for a good top coat. Favorite of the moment is a gift from a friend of mine and is Jordana in clear. Not sure if it is indeep a “top coat” or just a clear polish but it works wonders as I have minimal chipping every time I use it.

Would you like me to make a nail polish collection post? If so, leave a comment or any request you might have! Till next time,

xo Diana


2 thoughts on “Deutsch you want me baby?

  1. Looove this color combo! 🙂 I need to organize my polishes too. You know it’s time to toss a few of them out when they start to oxidize/collect a weird clear goop at the top…or when the sparkles just kind of cake together around the brush in the center of a bottle! BTW I spy China Glaze over there — how do you like it in comparison to OPI?

    • Hi GSB! Yeah I did toss some of them that couldn’t be salvaged with thinner unfortunately.. I do own more China Glazes than OPIs but that is because I usually buy them cheaper. I think both of them are great brands but China Glaze will always have a special place in my heart, they were the first polishes in my collection! I am going to do a full collection post soon!

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