Lana Inspired OOTD

Remember this white outfit? 

Since I saw the born to die video clip I was fascinated, along with many bloggers, with the white “peep hole” dress. Since I rarely wear all-white , as soon as I saw this black alternative on ASOS, I had to get it. At least it’s more wearable, although I would die to wear the cool flower headpiece as well ! Paired with gray jeans – black heeled boots which were unfortunately proven to be extremely painful.

OOTD 1 (2)

Nails are the black ombre set from “the new black” collection, bought it from Nordstrom. In the pic below you also get to see some of my wardrobe clutter (oops)



OOTD 1 (1)


OOTD 1 (3)

For anyone who likes yellow, I spotted today a “Del Rey” dress on Nasty Gal, much more summer appropriate but this color does nothing for me. Check it below:

Hope you like little OOTD posts, comment if you feel they are cool (or leave a comment to let me know how much they suck!)

Till next time,

xo Diana


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