MUA – Gemini

Hello readers!

Finally I got to try the “caviar aka fish eggs” nail trend. It has come to my attention that Ciate has kinda trademarked the term so – fish eggs it is! MUA calls this line “Nail connstellations” and the different colors have zodiac names. Today we have Gemini a lovely light pink with accents of purple, pearl and light blue. Application is easy – you just drip the beads on the wet polish. The container has a special lid which gives you the right amount of beads with some gentle taps. Here are the results!

caviar MUA gemini

MUA gemini (1)

MUA gemini (2)

MUA gemini (3)

In these picures I have two coats of polish – the beads and topcoat. You shouldn’t overdo it with topcoat though. It was fine with one coat and then I decided to add another one just to secure the beads in place but instead, the topcoat hardened an the beads started to peel off as they had formed a layer. Here is a video tutorial form MUA to help you with application:

So what do you think of my lil’ fish eggs? Yay or nay? Leave me a comment !

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