My week in pictures vol.1

Hi everyone! This week (or should I say this month) has been pretty hectic so excuse the hiatus. However I’d like to share a few pictures with you, just to keep up. I was in no mood to dress up or put on any makeup whatsoever I did manage to keep my nails done though (who am I kidding I always seem to find some nail-time). I will be trying to come up with some outfit posts as well! Soon..


Nubar light wash jeans (Chanel les jeans de Chanel dupe collection) and an armor ring from E-bay. I am in the mood for pastels lately.


OPI – Skulls and Glossbones in artificial lighting.


And during the day! (natural light). Looks more cream colored! I don’t know why my hands are so red.


And I had to take a picture of a good hair day! Lipstick is Pink Pearl Pop for MAC, which I LOVE. So fun and yet so wearable.

So that’s it for now folks, hope you enjoy!

xoxo, Diana


One thought on “My week in pictures vol.1

  1. I love love love that ring – so funky! Big fan of the polish too: I scored Skull and Glossbones in the clearance bin at the salon a few years ago and it’s turned out to be one of my favorite neutrals. It also mixes really well with other colors (I add a little bit of green or blue to get a fun pastel hue, or black to get something a little darker).

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