New hair!

Hello there dear readers, how’s everything? Thursday I went to the local salon to add a peachy tone to my hair using a semi permanent dye. I have to say I didn’t love the results as when I first washed it, hair turned more red than peach. And I hate red hair on me! Anyway here is a picture from the day I dyed it, I willbe posting more pics of the color progress. I love my natural hair color damn it, I shouldn’t have done this as I have to wait till it fades now. Anyway just my karma with hair salons dunno why.

This is taken under natural light and it looks nice and coral but two days and one wash later color is more of a carroy-brick red (if that makes any sense).

I will post more really soon, just stay tuned!!


One thought on “New hair!

  1. Haha well first of all…I love all shades of red (unless it’s brassy. yuck. story of my life 2 weeks into any dye job)! Second, I looove this color combo! Third, semi permanent rinses are always kind of unpredictable, so I feel your frustration! If you use a clarifying shampoo, the color will come out faster. I only use permanent dyes, but then again if you’re looking for a quick change to try out something new, then semi perm is probably your best bet. PS if you use a color-depositing shampoo or conditioner (like Ted Gibson or L’Oreal Artec), you can control the color a bit longer or even try to create an at-home ombre effect. Please post some follow-ups! 🙂

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